Crafting Aircraft Purchase And Sales Agreements

Buy and sell agreements for aircraft are more complex than other purchase and sales transactions. You need an attorney familiar with the asset and the process to guide you through your negotiation. As an attorney and commercial pilot, I know exactly which questions to ask and stipulations to include to ensure the review and completion of the transaction are thorough and precise.

The Process

When you get in touch with me to discuss a possible purchase or sale of an aircraft, I will be involved in the process every step of the way. I will ensure a pre-purchase inspection is conducted before any final paperwork is drawn up — including test flights and assessment of work that may be needed on the aircraft to ensure airworthiness. This inspection is crucial to ensuring a fair price and fair agreement is crafted to avoid potential disputes and costly litigation.

I also conduct a title search review and assist you with financing agreements to ensure every minor detail is comprehensively assessed before you sign any final papers. If there are any leases involved I ensure they are addressed, and at the end of the process I conduct a final contract review before you sign anything.

Special Considerations

Aircraft purchase and sales agreements are complex, and an understanding of how seemingly insignificant details can substantially impact the viability of a deal is crucial. The language of these agreements must be detailed and specific to safeguard you from liabilities. Every aircraft purchase and sale is unique, and a personalized consultation and preparation of your documents ensure this high-risk purchase is as safe as possible.

If you wish to lease or sublease your aircraft, or engage in a fractional purchase/sale, there are additional aspects to consider. Where the aircraft is registered, the citizenship of the owner and other aspects of the sale must also be taken into account as well as tax laws, FAA regulations and what type of entity is involved in the transaction.

Every Case Is Different

Aircraft purchase and sale agreements are delicate matters, which is why it is important to secure a lawyer near La Jolla or Del Mar whom you can trust to comprehensively and effectively keep your best interests in mind. Contact my San Diego office online, or call 858-401-9882 to discuss our situation today.