Helping Pilots Accused Of Violating Federal Aviation Regulations

If you have received a letter of investigation from the FAA or suspect you may come under investigation because of a notice from air traffic control, it is important to contact a San Diego FAA enforcement lawyer as soon as possible to get advice on how best to proceed.

Being accused of noncompliance with or violation of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) can be devastating for a pilot’s career, which is why it is important to get an experienced lawyer on your side as soon as possible to mitigate the damage and protect your record. Call my office at 858-401-9882 to get started on your case immediately.

Helping You Through The Process

An investigation can result for any number of reasons, from public complaints to routine surveillance and inspections. It is frightening to face an unexpected report from air traffic control for pilot deviation or a notice out of the blue asking for a letter of explanation. I am here to guide you through the process quickly and effectively. I will aggressively defend your rights against the large and ominous federal administration.

I will examine the findings the FAA records in its enforcement investigative report and scrutinize the recommended action according to the enforcement decision tool. After discussing the situation with you, I will discover witnesses and documentation to help with your case. I will assist you with the letter of explanation, and if necessary, the informal conference and any other aspects of the process that may arise — including emergency suspension or revocation orders.

Depending on the circumstances of the incident, you may be facing an administrative or legal enforcement action. I can explain the process and appeals options involved in these scenarios, and suggest strategies for presenting a strong case to the FAA and NTSB.

You Have A Right To Due Process

Although it may seem that the process is favorable to the FAA, the best way to exploit your right to due process is to hire an attorney who has handled these cases before to ensure you have the best chance possible of avoiding or mitigating the penalties. Contact my office today to get the process started. I have helped pilots throughout California, including those in La Jolla and Del Mar with their FAA enforcement issues.