Assistance With Aviation Employment And Labor Issues

As a pilot, flight instructor and an attorney for over 35 years, I have gained decades of experience and knowledge within the aviation industry, which is why my counsel is sought after when aviation employment and labor disputes arise. If you are involved in labor negotiations, as either an employer or an employee, it is a mandatory advantage to hire an experienced aviation employment and labor lawyer to assist you in the process.

I bring tough labor- and employment-related services to the table, including a variety of legal, consultative, investigative and litigation services. Call my office at 858-401-9882 if you have any questions about your working relationship.

Ongoing Counsel

Whether you are an employee looking for an attorney to review your contract paperwork and handbook requirements before signing an agreement, or an employer trying to minimize liabilities and ensure clarity in your business practices, I offer ongoing counsel regarding any employment and labor issues. It is extremely prudent to seek legal advice regarding ongoing employment practices, and I offer counsel regarding:

  • Labor and employment negotiations
  • Employee or employer documentation such as contracts or handbooks
  • Hiring and termination
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Benefits
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Independent contractor status

I also handle investigations of employment situations to assess if it may lead to a dispute or litigation, or if there are grounds for such an action.

Litigation And Disputes

I have helped clients with disputes and litigation involving discrimination and whistleblower claims, and have achieved extremely successful results for my clients for over 35 years. I have represented employers and employees, therefore I understand the interests of both parties involved in a dispute.

Contact my San Diego office at 858-401-9882 if you are looking for an aviation employment and labor attorney who will look out for your interests.